Some Captured History of Glanamman and Garnant

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A Brief Overview of the History of Garnant and Glanamman

Glanamman and Garnant form an area traditionally known as Cwmamman. Sited in the Amman Valley, Carmarthenshire, Cwmamman lies approximately four miles east of what was once Cross Inn Coach House. Cross Inn became the town of Ammanford in 1880. Today, it is hard to imagine the Cwmamman area as it was 200 years ago, when it was a remote valley, with a small population of farmers and only a few rough mountain roads allowing access to the valley.

Demand for the high quality anthracite coal, lying in abundance beneath the earths surface brought a large influx of people to the area in the 19th century. The arrival of the railway line constructed by The Llanelly Railway and Dock Company, which opened its line from Pontardulais to Cwmamman in 1840, allowed for the expansion of the coal industry in Cwmamman and later, for the arrival of new industries, such as tinplate and chemical works to the vicinity.

A much larger population resulted in the building of a church and several chapels in the village, which acted as far more than merely spiritual centres for the people. The chapels were the main venues for eisteddfods, concerts and meeting places for various societies and even the local council.

The Amman Valley Chronicle was established in 1913 and this provides us with a glimpse into the everyday issues affecting the people of Cwmamman in past times. This, as well as other sources, has been used as a reference when gathering information for this site.


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